It is a liposomal product packaged in a convenient dropper bottle that allows for ease of use and maximum CBD and melatonin concentration.

Melaform If the goal is Perfect sleep

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Choose the best CBD product for you. Their offer includes CBD oils, CBD creams, CBD solutions and CBD oil for animals.

Our CBD products

Magna G&T swiss purity

One of the purest cbd

Our pure CBD products are made from the best possible European hemp, which we offer in different concentrations and in a wide selection.

Laboratory tested

Our CBD oils are produced in laboratories. This is the guarantee of excellent product quality.

Why Magna G&T?

Magna G&T is a high-quality, natural CBD product line, which we make from first-class European hemp, maintaining the greatest possible transparency in the processes, thus guaranteeing reliability, purity of the product and the expected high quality. All of our CBD products can be safely consumed as a cure or long-term, as the THC content does not even reach 0.05%.

  • Full-spectrum, terpene-rich products.
  • We have developed our wide product range according to different needs.
  • Our selection of quality carrier materials fully satisfies all needs: Hemp seed oil, Black cumin seed oil, MCT oil (coconut oil), Olive oil
  • Tested hemp (Cannabis sativa) raw materials from European cultivation.
  • Plants from GMO-free cultivation form an important basis for the quality of our products.
  • We are committed to the transparency of production processes. We believe that safety is the key to quality.
  • Our chemical and contamination-free preparations are made using a modern process, filtration method and control.
  • The CO₂ extraction method separates cannabinoids and other non-useful compounds. Volatile terpenes extracted at the beginning of the production process are returned to our finished products, making them richer.
  • With many years of manufacturing experience and continuous development, we maintain and build trust in our products.
  • Following market trends, we develop and expand our product with value creation in mind.

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