Hol kaphatóak a CBD olaj termékek?

Where can you buy CBD oil products?

CBD products can be bought in many places these days, but we should pay attention to some basic details before buying or ordering a specific product. In this post, we write in detail about the information that makes the choice easier and recommend ourselves as a source of purchase with a good heart.

The price of CBD oils

CBD oil comes in different strengths. Between oils with different percentages, there is no difference other than the amount of the active ingredient in the given packaging volume. If, for example, the oil product labeled 5% has a volume of 10 ml, then that 10 ml contains 500 mg of the active ingredient CBD. Logically, 10% is 1000 mg, 20% is 2000 mg. The reverse is also true when the label lists the total CBD content in milligrams. Many people only look at the milligrams on the label, but not the packaging volume.

According to this, if the label says 1000 mg and the volume is 30 ml, then in reality the preparation is only 3.3%. It is also important to point out that the percentage or milligram indicated on the label is an approximate value. The real value, which may differ by 5-10% from the indication on the label, can be found in the certificate issued by the independent laboratory that tested the product. That is why reliable manufacturers state how many mg of active ingredient are contained in 1 drop.

In the case of choosing CBD oil , it can generally be said that the oil with 5% active ingredient is considered low concentration, the oil with 10% active ingredient is medium strength, and the 20% and 30% CBD oil is high concentration.

This information should also be taken into account when looking for and choosing a CBD product for use, because the price depends to a large extent on the content of the active ingredient. The higher the concentration of a CBD oil preparation, the higher the price! This is also true for product versions developed for pets.

The cheap CBD oil

Don't be fooled if you discover suspiciously cheap CBD oil somewhere. It is worth carefully examining the packaging and the active ingredient content, based on which it is easier to decide whether it is really a good price, or whether we have just found a product with a very low concentration.

If you're looking for the best value for money CBD products, you've come to the right place. We created the Magna G&T brand taking the customers' needs into account to the maximum extent. Magna G&T is characterized by high quality, exclusive appearance, wide product range and affordable prices. Both in Hungary and abroad, the Magna G&T product line is known as a reliable, high-quality CBD product.

Our goal is to provide our customers with high-quality information about the products. In this way, we want our products not only to be purchased, but customers to be able to use them with complete safety, understanding and a good feeling. We used to say that the greatest satisfaction is shown by the number of returning customers, which we are very proud of.

CBD products

Where can you buy CBD oils?

Our company has been present on the Hungarian and European CBD oil market since 2019. Our main goal is to provide our customers and our retail and wholesale partners with premium quality CBD products.

Our entire product range can be found in our online store, we sell CBD oils , CBD creams and balms, as well as nasal sprays containing the active ingredient CBD. Our pets also receive special attention, which is why we recommend some of our CBD preparations specifically for them. These are Cibapet products .

The Magna G&T online store accepts orders 24 hours a day, from where the ordered products are delivered with a fast delivery time of 1-2 days. Orders placed before 10 am will be delivered the next day.

Many of our reseller partners also operate in Hungary, so everyone can find the nearest store where they can buy CBD products. The current list of shops with a map and listed by county can be found on our website under the ' Shops ' menu item.

The full spectrum CBD oil

It is important to be able to distinguish between CBD products with different ingredients: full-spectrum CBD oil, broad-spectrum CBD and CBD isolate are three different preparations.

The main component of CBD oil is CBD, but it also contains other cannabinoid derivatives, a little THC (max. 0.2%) and terpenes. Such preparations are called full spectrum. So-called broad-spectrum CBD oil contains all the same molecules as full-spectrum, except for THC, which is absent. The name isolate means that the preparation contains only and exclusively CBD. You can read more information about our products and the carefully selected ingredients in the 'Frequently Asked Questions ' (FAQ) menu item. We sincerely hope that we can soon welcome you among our customers as an interested party who pays special attention to your health!

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